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senescence, noun
se·nes·cence: The condition or process of deterioration with age, the state of being old, the growth phase in a plant or plant part (such as a leaf) from full maturity to death. Senescence is not the inevitable fate of all organisms and can be delayed. 

At Senescence, we provide the information, resources and tools necessary to empower, inspire and embolden our members to gain access to and take advantage of the most cutting-edge, effective therapies, modalities and research related to aging and lifespan extension. As a result of our focus on deep connection and powerful information, we believe our members will be better able to live full, long lives in the most healthy and youthful way possible. 


Steven J. Tebon

A recognized leader in the age management and wellness space, Steve has spent three decades building businesses that give people the tools and information they need to be fit, healthy and youthful despite their physical age. As CEO of Senescence, Steve is committed to joining forces with the “best of the best” in all areas of the ever-evolving lifespan extension sector to empower his members as they work toward total and unprecedented wellness at all stages of life. 


  RAADFest 2017

Senescence’s Steve Tebon Attends RAADFest 2017

Our CEO Steve Tebon is currently attending RAADFest 2017 in San Diego, CA. 

Held from August 9-13, 2017, and presented by the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, a nonprofit committed to reaching out to groups and individuals who already have interest in radical life extension and physical immortality, RAADFest has quickly become a “must-attend” event in the life extension and anti-aging world, featuring cutting-edge information and industry experts discussing scientific research, sexuality, mindset, nutrition, fitness and more.


The Link Between Genetic Markers and Life Expectancy

Some very important studies related to genetic markers and life expectancy have been coming out and are being covered. 

One such Swiss study, conducted by experts from Switzerland's Institute for Bioinformatics, the University of Lausanne, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne and the Lausanne University Hospital, was recently covered in the anti-aging media, including here

Interestingly, the majority of the genetic markers uncovered in this study are new to science. In fact, this is the largest such group of genetic markers associated with lifespan ever discovered. 

These findings are both ground-breaking and exciting. Read more about the lifespan study from the Swiss media. 


Reduce Inflammation, Regenerate Tissue

We know that the immune system is a key player when it comes to the process of tissue regeneration. 

This article from Life Extension Advocacy Foundation does a great job of explaining the connection between inflammation, aging and tissue regeneration based on recent studies and reports. 

As we age, we want to do what we can to halt the slowing down of the immune system, which until now has always been an inevitable part of aging. According to the research and this summary, “These results open the door for researchers to explore and refine therapies that reduce inflammation to improve stem cell transplant success for the treatment of chronic wounds. It is very likely we will see an increase in research efforts in this direction in the next year or so as other groups join the search for ways to improve stem cell therapy outcomes.”
Very promising! 



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